Thursday, 29 January 2015

Manufacturer and Supplier of High Performance Oils, Multi Functional Oil and Greases India.

  Jetex Industries is a leading manufacturer of high performance oils and greases in India. We deal in specialty lubricants for a wide range of applications marketed under the “Jetex” Brand Name. All our lubricants are compounded from high quality base oils and are combined with specialty additives for excellent performance in extreme condition like High Temperature (up to 1400*C), High Pressure(up to 100,000psi), High Speed(up to 100,000rpm), Humid and Dusty condition, Shock Loading and High Vibration area and are having Anti-Corrosive, Anti-Wear/Tear and Water Repellant properties too. We are one of the trusted suppliers of Synthetic Oils, Greases, and Lubricants India.

Our range of synthetic specialty lubricants are formulated by our team of well-experienced technocrats, keeping each and every Industry’s exclusivity in mind, be it, Textiles or Engineering, Chemical or Pharmaceutical, Paper or Printing.
We supply multifunctional oils. Lubricants oil, lubrication of high temperature chains, multifunctional silicone grease, silicone and synthetic based oils, cutting oils, synthetic spindle oils, synthetic gear oils and gear lubricants, chain oils of high temperature, synthetic base oils and belt dressing sprays all over India and abroad.
Jetex India goal and vision is to explore the worldwide clients with our key services and products and set a benchmark among our clients with a desire for True Quality, True Standard and True efficient services & products at True companion Prices.